Chapter 68

It was the middle of May when I announced my retirement as a hair stylist. The day of my retirement from the salon is soon, I said.  June 9th is my last day! Thank you to everyone!

“Noooo! I’ll have to share with my mom, but good luck on your next phase!” said Megan.

I still have ‘till June 9.

“Oh, my God! I will make a hair appointment for next week. Bittersweet, but I’m happy for you and Brian,” said Julie.

“I am sending you prayers on your next chapter,” said Samantha.

“Wow! Big news for you! You are still stuck with me as a friend!” said the other Julie.

I’ll take it!

“Lucky, lucky, lucky! Congratulations!” said Linda.

“Wow! Congratulations Julie!” said Collen.

My mom needs me!

“You are a great person,” said Colleen.

“Congratulations!” said Christy.

“Apparently, you are being ‘recruited’ for a much more important task of the heart. God Bless!” said Karlina.

“Wow! That is big news. Congratulations. You will have an unforgettable time with your mom. Cherish it all,” said Autumn.

I can’t thank you enough!

“No need to thank me,” said Autumn.

“Congratulations!” said Tammy.

“I will miss seeing you,” said Alysia.

“God bless you! Cherish every moment,” said Jane.

“Your mom is blessed to have you retire for her. Congrats!” said Holly.

“I see you’ll be taking care of your mom. She is incredibly lucky to have you for a daughter. I fully believe this is a decision you will never regret. On a selfish note….” said Rhonda.

I’m going to miss everyone so much! Thank you!

“I wish I could give you a big hug. You gave me some great color. Will miss me. I’ll tell Meredith,” said Suzy.

“Congratulations!” said Malena. “You will be missed, but your mom is very lucky to have you!”

“Congratulations! You deserve it!” said Nicole.

“Congratulations,” said Marc.

“You are gonna be cutting my hair in your basement then,” said Daniel.

“You will be missed for sure,“ said Margie.

“Awww, I’m so sad but so excited for you. We will miss you,” said Abby.

“Oh, my God, noo!” said Katalin. “We will miss you but congratulations!”

“Congratulations!” said Janet.

“You deserve it! And what a blessing for you and your mom!” said Stringer.

“Best of luck in retirement! You are a good person!” said Lora.

“I am shocked but so happy for you. What made you decide to do this? Who is going to do my hair? Your mom is very special and I’m glad you are going to help her! Congratulations!” said Fay.

“What? Wow! Congratulations!” said Krista.

“Good for you, Julie.” said Megan.

“God speed Julie, giving up what you love and loving to serve others AND GET PAID FOR IT surely isn’t an easy decision, yet for the greater good you deemed it necessary! Honoring your mom is not an obligation but yet another one of those acts of love,” said Lezlee.

“Congratulations Julie!” said Kathy.

“Best Wishes Love!” said Marybeth.

“Congratulations! Hope your mom is OK!”  said Doug.

“Best wishes!” said Kathy.

“It had to be a difficult decision, but it’s totally the right one! Going to miss you,” said Judy.

“Good for you! Congrats,” said Daryl.

“Congrats! Double whammy on my birthday, too. Let’s celebrate!” said Freddy.

“You need to have a big summer party, with a DJ, I know a pretty good one!” said Jim.

You know it.

“Congratulations my friend!” said Jacqueline.

“Wow congrats! I was so fortunate to work with you as a new stylist. I learned to much from you! You are an amazing stylist with a huge heart. I adore you! Congrats on a well-deserved retirement, enjoy,” said Kate.

Love you.

“Whoa!! Wow!! Bittersweet!! See you soon for one last amazing the works,” said Mary.

“I will miss you, but your mom needs you!” said Chris.

“What??? Congratulations,” said Charlotte.

“Couldn’t we have discussed this for at least a few years?! Lol! I love you and wish you all the best in your retirement. It’s been a privilege being your client for so many years!” said Mary.

Gonna miss you a lot!

“What?” said Jessi.

Mom fell and had to have surgery on her arm during the quarantine. They need my help!

“Aw, your poor mom,” said Jessi.

“Congratulations!” said Stacey

“Happy for you!” said Kati.

“Congratulations!” said Carrie.

“Sad to hear, but totally understand. We love you, Julie!” said Lori.

“Even though I am sad because you’ve done my hair like over 20 years, remember I am one street over from your mom and am available for anything you or her need!” said Debra.

“Wow congratulations!” said Pamela.

“Good for you! Congratulations!” said Sherri.

“May you know caring for your mom is incredibly important and loving. God bless you,” said Lana.

“Whaaaaat? Congratulations!” said Donna.

“Congrats! Your mom is in awesome hands. Peace and love going forward!” said Karen.

“Congratulations on your retirement! I will miss you, but totally understand,” said Beth.

“Warmest congratulations. You will be missed at the salon!” said Wendy.

I’m gonna be a mess on my last day.

“You are the hardest and most dedicated at your craft. You are loyal and loved your people. You had a hard time with this decision, and it’s been waning on you since your mom became ill, but you gave it to the Lord, and you trust in him. Congratulations, I love you so much! You are so kind and loving, you will do well with your mom!” said my Brian.

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